Do you want all of the proxy creation scripts to make your own data center proxies? This is the best option we offer and for a great price. 

  • Add all scripts onto a single Linux server and control all scripts easily ✅
  • Access to multiple subnets ✅
  • Free updates for any API changes from providers. ✅
  • Access to Priority Support Discord Channel ✅

Please go through all of the other product descriptions before purchasing so you know exactly what you're getting. Watch all of the videos so you know what you're purchasing. There will be absolutely zero refunds on this package so we want to make sure you are completely aware before purchasing.

This package includes the following:

  • Google Cloud V2 Proxy Creation Script 
  • AWS V2 Proxy Creation Script  
  • Microsoft Azure Proxy Creation Script 
  • Alibaba Cloud Proxy Creation Script
  • UpCloud Proxy Creation Script 
  • 99stack Proxy Creation Script 
  • Rackspace Proxy Creation Script
  • 100TB Proxy Creation Script
  • Vultr Proxy Creation Script
  • Linode Proxy Creation Script
  • Digital Ocean Proxy Creation Script

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